El Generico debuted on NXT this past week as Sami Zayn, and defeated not one but two men in 2 different matches during the same night; including the former United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.  As I watched this unmasked generic luchador, I remembered just how good he makes each opponent look that he takes on.  This almost seems like a lost art, or one that was never officially followed for whatever reason.

Selling is what makes wrestling believable.  Selling is what makes, or breaks, each man or woman that steps inside that squared circle; and it seems to me that no one wants to look bad in the ring.  Well of course you don’t want to look like a punk in the ring who appears to have no chance in winning, but you need to.  The fans won’t believe that nothing ever hurts you.  The fans won’t believe that you are perfect.  The fans need to see you being human, and being human means that you look vulnerable.

3 men that stick out in my mind as being the absolute best to work with in the ring are El Generico, Nunzio, and Evan Bourne.  All 3 of them can take a clothesline or be put in a headlock and make it look like the most excruciating pain they have ever felt.  This only makes their opponent look that much better, and hopefully will be reciprocated when it is their turn.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, but does it always?  Of course not, but let’s commend those individuals out there that are not too proud or whose egos are not inflated enough to make someone else look good.  It’s supposed to be a give and take inside that ring; a brotherhood of helping each other out for the good of the product.  So for everyone who’s ever been turned inside out with a clothesline, thank you for making us believe in what we’re watching.


Don’t Try This At Home

Remember when the don’t try this at home video used to show people actually getting hurt?  You won’t see that anymore.


If the purpose is to scare kids from trying these moves on their brother or sister outside on the trampoline or on the top bunk, then it’s not working anymore.  Show us Candace Michelle falling on her face, Shane McMahon dumped on his head because the glass won’t break, or Bob Holly with a massive gash across his back.  Instead we see Cena, Mysterio, and Punk holding their knees or grimacing in pain.  In this PG, Be A Star, and soft heel world WWE has created, you would think the safety of their fans would be paramount, but the kayfabe video for this does not reflect that.  These men and women are trained professionals that have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft.  The risks are real, and sometimes permanent.  Please don’t try this at home.

Touch Too Much

Now we all love the sport of professional wrestling but sometimes, too much is just too much.

There’s something about going to one show and only seeing one complete card. It’s booked this way because the audience really can’t take any more. I’ve experienced my fair share of either TNA, Ring of Honor, or even WWE one night multi shows in the past year and I can say that something is lost as the night goes on. It’s not even as much of pretending that a new night and a new episode is starting, but something over time is lost. It’s difficult to feel ready for a big match on the third episode of the night by the time 11:30 PM rolls around. I saw the Icon Sting just a few nights ago on 3 separate occasions which will take place over the span of two weeks on TV. It just wasn’t the same. People were leaving during the #1 Contender’s match, and honestly, I don’t blame them. Sometimes too much of a good thing, is a bad thing.

New Stars

Looking back at the event that was Wrestlemania 29, one thing is clear: the big money matches feature the big money stars.  That’s the way it should be.  Sorry Swagger and Del Rio, you don’t count when you have the Smackdown title.  But looking forward to the rest of 2013 and the thirtieth anniversary in the Superdome, is there really someone new and fresh that will command your top dollar at next years’s Mania?


Cena/Rock, Brock/Hunter, Taker/Punk: none of these men are new to the fans.  CM Punk is the youngest of the bunch and still very familiar to any casual watcher.  So will someone step up and grab that brass ring that supposedly exists and main event Wrestlemania next year?  Are there even any potential first time champs on the roster anymore?  Let’s hope so because as much as I like most of the men I mentioned earlier,  there’s got to be someone else that is going to make money other than the old faithful.  Ryback is the obvious early answer right now, but I doubt he can stay relevant as the seasons change.  Somebody out there surprise me, because right now it appears like next year’s card will feature the same guys in different pairs.

X Marks the Spot

Remember when the X Division was good?  Back on late night Spike or even real early FSN days?  The X Division wasn’t about weight limits; it was about no limits.  Well all that’s changed.


I’ve been watching a little TNA the past few weeks since they’re finally out of Universal Studios and like anything, there’s some good and there’s some bad.  Now I know the weight limit of 230 pounds was established a while ago, but this week I was informed of another mandatory rule the once so proud division had not to deal with.  From now on every X Division match is a triple threat match.  What’s so bad about that you ask?  Well I like a 3 Way Dance as much as the next guy, but sometimes things need to be settled one on one.  Or even a Fatal Four Way, gauntlet, six man or any other combination out there today.  But now Impact Wrestling feels as though the champion doesn’t even need to be pinned to lose his title.  They’re bringing back such talent as “The Original Playa form the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt, and “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams while they’ve given former ANX member Kenny King the strap right now, but it’s not same and it appears it never will be again.  From a division that once had no limits, we now have shackles and gallows that these former pioneers must adhere to just to step back in that ring. The only way I’ll accept these changes is if Don West has exclusive commentating rights.

Inside Job

The nWo, Aces & 8’s, Nexus, CM Punk, SCUM, the Shield.  For the past 15 years the hottest angles in wrestling have involved a hostile takeover from someone inside the promotion.  So why would we, the wrestling fans, want to see our favorite company taken over or killed?


It’s confusing because no one really wants wrestling to die and be forced to watch football on Monday nights, but the thought of it is intriguing and sells tickets.  We all get upset with what we’re watching week in and week out every once in awhile, and it’s refreshing to hear someone in the business say what we’re all thinking live on TV to the boss and the company.  Aces & 8’s officially have a head honcho now in one half of a tag team along with the other bush league WWE releases and Mr. Anderson.  SCUM debuted in Ring of Honor and added Jimmy Rave, Rhett Titus, Mr. 1859, and others to their list; and no one, including the booking team, knows what the Shield is up to.  We all saw what CM Punk was able to do last summer and made news outside of the wrestling world that only a drug overdose or suicide usually has the power to do.


So what’s gonna happen with Aces & 8’s?  Well they’ve been around now for a while and if something’s going to happen, it better happen soon since Impact is live and outside of Universal Studios.  ROH needs one star to step up and challenge SCUM that the fans can get around.  But the thing is they already have that face that the fans will get behind.  It’s the same guy that has been over for the past year; and that man is Kevin Steen.  Whether you’re the third man, a biker gang, a punk, or a shield from injustice; we want to see more of it.

To Hall or Not To Hall?

What do we do?  Do we go to see Bruno at the Hall?  Is it worth spending over $100 to visit the Garden?  Or should we just spend our money elsewhere?  This, is the question.


Bruno going into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame is long overdue and both parties have finally agreed to terms, but the thing is that since there will be so much wrestling related stuff that weekend, would our money be better spent elsewhere?  You may ask “How can you not go see Bruno”?  That is truly once in a lifetime.  But on the otherhand, Ring of Honor, Extreme Rising, probably $5 Wrestling, along any other wrestling promotion trying to piggyback Vince McMahon will be in the 5 boroughs fighting for our money.  So that’s the dilemma.  What if we can see New Jack jump off a balcony, listen to a Freight Train promo, and see the Big O for the same or even less money than the Hall of Fame?  Is it worth missing Mr. Sammartino?  I don’t know and I don’t know if there is a right answer to this question.  The only thing we know for sure is that the Big Apple will be buzzing with superstars, luchadors, originals, hardcore legends, podcasters, and so much more in that short weekend.  Let the best man win.